Corporate Finance

KNG has established a reputation for advising small to mid-cap companies about their financing requirements. Working alongside corporate clients, KNG endeavours to provide tailor-made solutions for their funding needs that also give value to institutional investors.

The range of corporations that KNG has worked with includes unlisted (pre-IPO) and listed companies. Financing solutions employed often involve debt/equity structures, as well as debt-only and straight equity placements.

KNG has been particularly successful in raising funds for Indian based corporations. Prevalent financing vehicles have been Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs), Private Equity and Global Depository Receipts (GDRs).

Deal sizes range from $10 million to more than $150 million.

KNG has completed a number of bond buy-back programs for European and Asian corporates and financials; KNG is increasingly focused on bank debt buy-backs.

Additionally, KNG is developing a platform to advise and help European SMEs with their longer term funding requirements.

KNG provides its institutional clients with customized structured products that allow them to express investment preferences which are not readily available in the public market. Deals between $10mn and $50mn have been completed using recognized banking and corporate entities with European Medium-Term Note (EMTNs) programs.


KNG Securities LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority