Convertible Bonds

KNG Securities is a leading broker of global convertible bonds with a focus on the small to mid-cap sector issues. Through its client focused approach, the firm goes the “extra mile” to source liquidity for investors in this space. The KNG convertible sales team has an average of over 15 years market experience and as such has deep relationships with a significant percentage of the convertible investor base. The firm’s client base is global and our unique cross-regional matching model allows us to efficiently and discretely match buyers and sellers across differing investment styles and geographies.

KNG deals with institutional clients including dedicated long-only convertible funds, hedge funds, banks, mutual funds, distressed situation specialists and high yield investors. Given KNG’s niche expertise, the firm has been instrumental in the expansion of some of the emerging convertible markets. The Indian convertible market is a prime example where KNG has built a strong reputation.

KNG displays indications for around 500 convertibles on its Bloomberg pages. Type KNGA <GO> and KNGE <GO> on Bloomberg to access our Asian and European convertible prices.

Convertible Bonds Business Lines:


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